Group Classes
Pay weekly prices with no commitment.
PILATES          £4.50 per session


ZUMBA           £4.00 per session

HIIT                £2.50 per session


Loyalty Cards
Loyalty cards help reduce the weekly cost of classes and are time restricted:

2 Sessions           £8.50


4 Sessions           £16.00


8 Sessions           £30.00

2 Sessions

4 Sessions

8 Sessions

Workshop Payment.
All 3 week workshops are priced the same and discount is available if you book more than one.
For workshop details click here

£20.00 - 1 Workshop

Pay Monthly - Standing Order Options.
Sign up to one of the many standing order options and get access to online Pilates and Zumba videos for FREE.
Standing Order plans can be taken out at anytime and can be canccelled at anytime.
Availablity to online videos is only available whilst Standing Order is active.
Pricing Options.
4 sessions a month        £16.00pm
8 sessions a month        £30.00pm
Unlimited sessions         £38.00pm
Couples Pricing Options.
Come with a relative? Subscribe to standng order and the cost will cover two people!
8 sessions a month        £30.00pm
16 sessions a month      £50.00pm