3 Week Workshops

These 3 Week Workshops give you the opportunity to try something new!

Ranging from Circuit classes, Hiit Pilates and Boxing, to Belly Dancing and relaxation techniques - these workshops are the perfect partner to any existing workout routine.

MASH IT UP - Cardio-based class that will get your heart and muscles pumping! A fusion of Hiit, Body Conditioning and Boxing movements.  Suitable for any level of fitness, however, please contact me if you have an injury to discuss.

PELVIC HEALTH - Learn about your pelvic floor, how to strengthen it through exercises and knowledge that will prevent or improve your pelvic floor strength for now and the future. Suitabe for anyone.

RENEW, RESTORE & RELAX - 30 minutes of flowing movements (taught in candlelight) that awakens your body and bring you into a calm state. Followed with 15 minutes guided mindfulness and relaxation - blanket is essential. Ideal workshop if you struggle to switch off and relax.

CIRCUITS - Using different types of equipment and NEW for 2019 - block exercises - work your way round the room working at a pace that suits you best! Suitable for anyone.

POSTURE & MORE - Find out about how important your posture affects  your health and wellbeing. Learn aout what affects it and tips on how to improve it. This workshop will give you an awareness of your body and how you move that you may never have had before!

£20.00 - 1 Workshop

£20.00 - 1 Workshop

£35.00 - 2 Workshops

£55.00 - 3 Workshops