Our Teachers

All our teachers are qualified Pilates instructors with extensive experience and knowledge. All the instructors teach very differently and add there own personal flavour to the classes, giving you the choice to choose what style you prefer.

Candice Faqir


Owner of Pilates Health & Fitness, Candice has been teaching Pilates in the community since 2000.

Qualifications inlcude Level 2 & 3 Mat Pilates, L3 Nutrition for Exercise, L3 Exercise Referral, Foam Roller, Zumba, Piloxing, Flexibar, Exercise to Music and most recently Pelvic Floor Training.

More recently, Candice has been focusing on the importance of the mind body connection in relation to exercise and health and is continually developing her skills to make the class experience as relevant and up-to-date as possible.

The P.O.S.T.U.R.E. Program is her latest focus and gives Candice the opportunity to personalise her workout on an individual basis, incorporating the holistic side more effectively.

Kerrie Hesp


Kerrie joined PH&F as an instructor in 2009. Kerrie also started out as a member of the classes and her personality, passion and ethusiasm shone through as the perfect instructor.

Over the years, Kerrie has continued to developher skills in may different fields of exercise, cmpleting her Gym Instructor & Pilates qualification, Piloxing, Zumba and more recently her L3 Personal Trainer.

Kerrie is a bubble of energy and this is reflected in her classes.



Tanya has been teaching Pilates classes with PILATES Health & Fitness since 2002.

Originally, Tanya started out as a student, attending the classes taught by Candice.

Her enthusiasm and personality made her the ideal instructor and after been apprached by PH&F, trained and qualifed to become a valuable member of the team and life long friend.